Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation

What is it?

Sports massage is deeper than normal massage and is used to prevent and treat injuries. Deep stroking, stretching and pressure techniques are used to stimulate blood flow to the affected area, increase the uptake of oxygen and other vital nutrients deded for the repair of damaged tissues and to promote relaxation.

Not just for sports injuries.....

If you have tense shoulders and neck from stress or poor posture, a bad back that's been playing up for years or are simply suffering from sore or tight muscles, sports massage can help.

Training for an event?

Whether it's your first 5km race or a full Ironman, your muscles will thank you for a bit of TLC both before and after the event. A course of treatment complements your training by keeping your muscles supple, relaxed and decreasing your risk of injury.

What does it cost?

We offer both one-off treatments and block discounts for regular treatments. Prices are :

How can I book a treatment?

Please see front desk for all bookings. Alternatively, you can contact Lydia on (0117)9378020 or e-mail Lydia at [email protected]