Fitness Programme effective from Monday 17th September to 2nd December 2007

For a more detailed description of what each class consists of, click HERE

Monday Class Instructor
1210-1250 Circuits Chris Nix
1310-1350 Keiser Cycle Beginners Chris Nix
1310-1350 Pilates Vicky
1745-1825 Aerobics Vicky
1830-1925 Barbell Pump Charlotte

Tuesday Class Instructor
0730-0815 Pilates Lydia
1210-1250 Barbell Pump Vicky
1310-1350 Keiser Cycle Int/Adv Vicky
1310-1350 Med Ball Madness Johnny
1745-1825 Total Body Sally M
1800-1900 Keiser Cycle Adv Nadia
1830-2000 Ashtanga Yoga Wale

Wednesday Class Instructor
0730-0815 Barbell Pump Sally
1210-1250 Hatha Yoga Sally D
1310-1350 Keiser Cycle Int/Adv Caz
1310-1350 Aerobics Vicky
1745-1825 Barbell Pump Chris Nix
1830-1900 Awesome Abs Chris Nix
1900-1945 Keiser Cycle Int Chris Nix

Thursday Class Instructor
0715-0800 Keiser Cycle Int/Adv Nadia
1210-1250 Pilates Sally M
1210-1250 Keiser Cycle Int Chris Nix
1310-1350 Barbell Pump Sally M
1745-1825 Step Chris Nix
1745-1830 Keiser Cycle Int/Adv Charlotte
1835-1925 Circuits Chris Nix
1930-2100 Thai Boxing Jason

Friday Class Instructor
1210-1250 Keiser Cycle Int/Adv Darren
1310-1350 Circuits Johnny
1745-1830 Keiser Cycle Beginner Tyrone
1800-1930 Salsa Lorraine

Saturday Class Instructor
1000-1100 Total Body Sally M
1100-1200 Pilates Sally M
1630-1800 Pilates Workshop Check posters for details

Sunday Class Instructor
1700-1800 The Sunday Session Check Board for Details
1800-2000 Budo Taijutsu See posters for details

* - Specialist class open to members and non-members (there is a charge for this class)
** - Requires attendance of a workshop to learn correct technique before attending this class

Classes can be booked by phone or at reception up to 7 days in advance

Note that classes must have a minimum of 3 members in order for them to be run.

LATE ENTRY - You will not be permitted to enter a class after the first 5 mins to ensure that you have an adequate warm up. If you are late for a popular class, your space will not be saved if there are others waiting to get into the class.

SAME DAY CANCELLATION - Please note that if you book a class and cancel on the same day, you will be subject to a cancellation fee of 1 (Except in emergencies). If you have three same day cancellation fees unpaid, you will not be able to pre-book classes until they have been paid. This does not stop you from taking part in the class, just from pre-booking.

'NO SHOWS' - If you book a class and do not show up to take part, you will be subject to a cancellation fee of 2.50 (Except in emergencies), as you may cause the class to be cancelled if there are only three booked in. Also, you will not be able to pre-book for classes until this fee has been paid. This does not stop you taking part in a class, just pre-booking a place.