Back and Knee Clinic

MedX Lumbar Spinal Therapy is used in the threatment of chronic back pain, or with patients whose symptoms persist beyond 6-8 weeks after manual therapy has been used. Also used for patients who experience recurrent episodes of pain separated by various durations of time.
Medical evidence shows hat the majority of people with chronic back pain are significantly 'deconditioned'. This means the spinal muscle has lost its strength and the joints have become stiff, making the spine fragile and unable to withstand daily demands. At Welsh Back Clinic, we address the doconditioning effect through supervised, intensive and specific strengthening programs using the MedX Lumbar Machine shown.
On our programmes, you will work with a physical therapist who will be with you on every visit, to ensure you get the maximum results possible in a safe, controlled environment. You will exercise on the machine 1-2 times per week for between 8 and 20 weeks. Also included in the program are flexibility training, total body conditioning programme, core stability and strengthening and strength test every 4 weeks. Maintenance programmes are also available to keep you pain free for life.
Programmes are open to both members and non-members and free diagnostic consultations are available. To book a consultation, please call the club on (0117)9378020. The MedX Lumbar Machine at Welsh Back is one of only a few in the UK. It isolates the low back muscles, so that the stronger muscles of the legs and hips are not involved. Most equipment in other gyms and health clubs and even physiotherapy clinics fail to isolate the low back muscles and therefore fail to provide relief.